A73 Piano Station

A73 Piano Station 1.2

Play the simulated piano in a studio environment
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Turn your PC into a virtual piano, synthesizer, etc. Select the template for keyboard layout customization and switch between different sound packs to play the music in different styles. Customize the placement of the required keys, create custom compositions, play them automatically, etc.

Turn your PC into a fun to play virtual piano, synthesizer, or even a band. Play piano with your mouse or computer keyboard, no extra hardware is needed. Play your favorite music or enjoy your own creations for a truly different type of relaxation and entertainment.

Main features:

- 6 octave piano keyboard with realistic piano keys
- Easy on the eye, convenient graphical interface
- Play 100 instruments (pianos, guitars, strings, drums, etc.)
- Drum machine (20-220 BPM) with shuffle control
- Bass-chord accompaniment
- Enjoy 20 music styles (rock, jazz, pop, blues, waltz, etc.)
- Mix and play 3 lead instruments simultaneously
- Add 3 parallel arpeggios with over 50 patterns
- Metronome
- Save and restore the whole workspace
- Recording and playing functions


- Windows XP/Vista/7
- 1 GHz or faster processor
- sound card
- 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor

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